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“Love is that which is unlimited. There is no beginning and no end to it. No before and no after. Love always was, always is and always will be.”
Extract “The Wedding Vows”

Your wedding day is the magical opportunity to share with family and loved ones that a very special relationship and bond of love will be united in marriage.

Weddings conducted by a Civil Celebrant give you freedom to have your wedding at a destination that has great meaning to you. You may choose Land Sea or Air, just about any setting that encompasses personal meaning for you both.

I will assist you with suggestions for your wedding vows or you may choose to write your own. Creating a ceremony that portrays you both and involves family and loved ones with specific readings, prayers, and poems that signify your future life together.

A few legal requirements must be met see “legal requirements”

As each couple and wedding are individual we work together to really express the meaning and understanding of your relationship and commitment for each other.

At least two meetings are suggested. Primarily to get to know each other and discuss all your requirements. I supply “The Notice of Intended Marriage” this must also be completed in my presence.


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