Same Sex Weddings

“There is only one sacred promise-and that is to tell and live your truth”


This memorable occasion is presented as a sacred ceremony.

These ceremonies are for couples who choose to make public their commitment of love to each other, bringing an even stronger meaning to their relationship for each other.

By honouring the right to celebrate your union and sharing this with family and friends.

You may choose to create your own ceremony, involving those close to you, increasing the magic of the day.

A simple gathering can be as powerful as an elaborate one.

A delightful commemorative certificate is supplied at your ceremony.

At least six weeks notice if possible is required, to give us time to have a couple of interviews and discuss your needs.

I would love to meet you, so please call, email or organise a skype meeting (claire.kuyper1) with me for a no obligation chat at my home in Kenmore. I will work with you to create a ceremony that reflects and defines the meaning of your love for each other.


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